Our Purpose

Circles of Comfort connects innocent victims of violent crime to essential information and resources that will help them in the immediate hours after the crime, as well in the days and months that follow.  Our support helps victims, their families and friends with survival and healing, lets them know they do not have to face their situation alone, and helps them find the courage to move forward.

Our services include a 96-Hour Survival Guide ™, which is available online and distributed by first responders and community support agencies across the country via our Cans of Comfort™ program. This gives victims a starting point to help them recover from the trauma they have just experienced. We also have a state-by-state resource guide for agencies and organizations that can assist them.


  • 2014: Justice For Crime Victims Conference “Hope Award” Advocating and uplifting victims to aide in their recovery
  • 2014: Select Health’s “Select 25” Honeree
  • 2012: KUTV “Pay It Forward” Honoree
  • 2010: Salt Lake City Police Department Gala – Humanitarian Of The Year