96-Hour Survival Guide

We plan our days. Our weeks. Our months. But no one plans on being a victim or survivor of a violent crime or losing a family member in a sudden and unexpected way. In the aftermath of these traumatic events, it’s often difficult to know what to do or who to contact for support. That’s why Circles of Comfort developed the 96-Hour Survival Guide™.

This important guide, as simple as it seems, provides essential first steps for survivors and their families, giving them a starting point after the trauma they just experienced. It also has important contact numbers for agencies that can provide support and assistance.  

The 96-Hour Survival Guide is delivered by first responders and community support agencies through our Can of Comfort™ program.  

96-Hour Survival Guide Tips

  • Get your Police Case Number and write it down.
  • Call a family member or support person to come over and be with you ASAP.
  • Eat, drink, and sleep when you can.
  • Ask and appoint a family representative that you like and trust to follow your wishes. This person should handle media calls and screen other calls regarding inquiries.
  • Get counseling.
  • Request to be notified about the status of your case in the judicial system.
  • Contact your state’s Crime Victim Reparations (CVR) agency regarding your eligibility for financial compensation